1930s Image of the Neue Wache

I’ve just acquired a new image of the Neue Wache, which was once the tomb of Germany’s Unknown Soldier. It takes the form of a printed postcard showing a group of German soldier’s marching past in salute. The postcard was posted in Berlin in April 1937 so puts it firmly in the Nazi period. The band appears to be a Luftwaffe one by the insignia on view and it may date from the hive of activity that took place in Berlin in 1936 during the Olympics.

~ by sommecourt on 14/11/2011.

One Response to “1930s Image of the Neue Wache”

  1. when you put politics into facts, they somehow get screwed up, I as a veteran of the united states Army and have heritage, lineage, and much more in Germany would have no problem with a tomb of the unknowns in Germany, as long as the SS was kept out of the mix, and the regular guys and woman who fought for a lunatic, were involved, it should be, who are we to judge the people who fought valiantly without the shadow of you know who hanging over them, for mother, father and family, I gave my Life.

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