Pantherturm in Berlin 1945

It has been a while since I posted on Military Berlin but I shall be back in the city again soon and have been collecting images over the past year or so, and am aiming to put a few more posts up in 2013.

This image, from the fanastic Flickr archive posted by deckarudo, shows a Pantherturm which is said to be located between Möllendorffstraße and Frankfurter Allee. In 1945 a number of these were placed in the streets of Berlin to bolster up the defences; they had proved effective in Italy and Russia and in the streets would offer quite some barrier to any armour attempting to advance. However, this one has been knocked out; a round has pieced the gun mounting and by the look of it, likely to be from a T34/85; large numbers of these entered Berlin in the final battle.


~ by sommecourt on 13/01/2013.

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