Military Berlin by Military Historian Paul Reed

This Blog looks at the Military History of Berlin from the time of Frederick the Great (‘Der Alte Fritz’) through to the first unification of Germany after the Franco-Prussian War, the Great War, WW2 and the Cold War.

The streets and districts of Berlin bear the many scars of conflict, and it’s buildings, memorials and cemeteries all figure in Berlin’s military past.

The Blog is by military historian and author Paul Reed. Paul is a military historian and author who works in Television; his recent TV work includes Dig WW2 for BBC2 and the upcoming How We Won The War for BBC daytime. Paul first visited Berlin during the Cold War.

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One Response to “About”

  1. Dear Mr. Reed,

    I saw your website while I was researching, who my grandfather is. He was a British pilot, but we do not know a name. We only do have a picture. My grandmother worked as a translator and confidential clerk at starting in 1946 with BAOR Bracht and continued later for RAF Brüggen until 1963. She was German and the relationship was kept a secret, even my mom does not know. From the assumptions we made, he possibly could have been a pilot flying for the Berlin Airlift. Could you give me any information, where I could research any further? I know that it is not the usual search, but I do want to give it a try. I would be very thankful for any advice or another aspect, I could search from.

    Kind regards and best wishes from Bonn,

    Andrea Baers

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