A Walk Down The Unter Den Linden 1945

Continuing with the series of fascinating images taken by a Royal Engineer of the 7th Armoured Division – the Desert Rats – this time we follow him down the Unter Den Linden – the main street in central Berlin. It would appear he either walked down the street or drove down it in the summer of 1945, photographing all the main buildings. We start the Brandenberg Gate (above). The damage to the gate and the Quadriga on top is clearly visible and some of the original road signs on what was then the join of the British-Soviet sector can be seen.

Turning round, the soldier then had the view below looking straight down the Unter Den Linden. The Soviets had already began to ‘dress up’ their sector with patriotic slogans, banners and memorials. This one depicts Soviet Leader Josef Stalin.

He then walked down the Unter Den Linden to the Neue Wache which we have featured before on Military Berlin. This had been the Tomb of Germany’s Unknown Soldier and again the 1945 battle damage is clearly visible.

He then took a second shot of the building from another angle which shows the Zeughaus behind, which is now the German History Museum.

Just beyond the Neue Wach was the Kronprinzenpalais. This former residence of the Hohenzollern Royal Family had been almost ruined in the 1945 fighting.

From here he stopped at the Schloss. Although less damaged than most buildings, it was eventually torn down by the Soviets. He took two photographs here.

He ended at the Berliner Dom, the Berlin Cathedral. Again it showed the typical state these magnificent buildings were in and it brings this fascinating journey to an end.

~ by sommecourt on 26/11/2011.

2 Responses to “A Walk Down The Unter Den Linden 1945”

  1. Wonderful pictures and of astonishing quality given the time and the circumstances. Isn’t the Neue Wache where the deeply moving Kathe Köllwitz sculpture is (mother and son)? I think it’s impossible to walk down Unter den Linden without being conscious of rich history in every step and these photos add layers to one’s memory store, somehow. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Very interesting pictures! I love this street, when I visit Berlin I always make time to walk the length of it. I wish I had seen these before my last visit which was back in 2010 so I could of compared them.

    Thank you for publishing them.

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