With The Desert Rats in Berlin

Berlin 1945

A search of Flickr unearthed an interesting collection of images that belonged to a soldier of the Royal Engineers who served in Berlin with the 7th Armoured Division – the famous Desert Rats. The Division was the first complete British military formation to enter Berlin in July 1945 and took over what became the British Sector. The owner of the photographs, Charlie Clark, has kindly allowed me to use them on the Blog so a few articles will follow using them.

This first image shows some Comet Tanks of the Royal Tank Regiment driving round the Victory Column in what may well be the parade to celebrate VJ Day – the end of the war against Japan. The Comet tanks were amongst the most advanced Armoured Fighting Vehicles in the British arsenal at that time, possibly why the Division had been chosen to be the first to establish the British Sector. They look factory new, which is no doubt a credit to the hours of work by the crews who got them ready for the parades that followed in 1945!

~ by sommecourt on 19/11/2011.

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