Military Berlin: Introduction

Welcome to a new Blog, Military Berlin. I first visited the city during the Cold War and renewed my acquaintance with it this year.Berlin today is a modern unified city but with so much history; almost with every footfall. As a military historian I find it fascinating; the overtones of the rise of the Prussian state, the first unification of Germany, the Great War, the rise of Fascism and the dark days of the Second World War are all there to be seen. This Blog will follow my visits to Berlin, look at some of its military history and post some photographs; both of Berlin in the past and today.

~ by sommecourt on 29/10/2011.

2 Responses to “Military Berlin: Introduction”

  1. Can’t wait for more articles. I have wanted to visit Berlin for many years but never made it.

    Thanks for starting this blog, I’ll be an avid reader of it.

    Kind regards


  2. I am looking forward to this blog too. I have been fortunate enough to have visited Berlin on a number of occasions (and actually went through Checkpoint Charlie), and always want to return. During my last visit in 2010 I visited a former WW2 air raid shelter – courtesy of Berlin Undergound – that was still in a remarkably good condition, including fluorescent paint on the walls.

    Good luck with the blog. I suspect I too will be a regular reader.

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